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Solar Panel Cleaning Gold Coast

Reliable Solar Panel Cleaning Gold Coast

Clean your solar panels to save costs and increase efficiency. Dirt and grime would build-up on your solar panels, decreasing the ability to work at its full potential. From bird droppings, lichens, industrial residues, leaf litter, dust, to ocean salts, there are numerous factors in Gold Coast that aid in decreasing the efficiency of your solar panels. Master Blaster Cleaning services in Gold Coast offer expert cleaning of solar panels to make it operate efficiently and last longer. Solar panels and arrays situated near industrial areas require special attention and frequent cleaning as dust builds up rapidly.

Experienced and Expert Solar Panel Cleaners

With a team of in-house solar panel cleaners, we ensure to provide the best care without damaging the solar panels. Our cleaners are trained to analyze, check, and clean the solar panels. Also, our solar panel cleaners are insured, licensed to provide professional cleaning of your equipment. We assure excellent results by safely washing away corrosive pollutants.

Soft Wash Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

Most of the house owners install the solar panels and forget about cleaning and maintenance. If you want to prolong the life of your solar panels, it is recommended to clean and service your solar panels every six months to one year. Hard washing of your solar panels can damage the panels. Soft wash is recommended, which involves using 100% pure water, soft chemicals or detergents to safely wash the panels. We adopt an eco-friendly process to deliver safe cleaning of dirt and grime, improving visibility and light flow. The hard water or saltwater in certain areas of the Gold Coast can leave marks and stains behind attracting dirt particles.

If you are in Gold Coast and looking for exceptional solar panel cleaners in the Gold Coast suburb, do not put yourself at risk. We offer impeccable solar panel cleaning services across the Gold Coast.


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